How we deliver

There are three easy steps to start transforming your workplace restaurant into a fully digital experience for your visitors:

Minimize corporate food waste

Improve visitor experience

Optimise resource planning

What we deliver

Once you give Mahlzeit a “yes”, we will take a look at few simple things like your floor plan, menu plan and customer communication strategy. This helps us provide:

Digital menu plans
Apps, narrow-cast and web service

Preorder and prepayment system
Including operational guidance

Connect Lunch
Community building activities

PIR plug & play sensors
Crowd-flow monitoring

Improve your visitor experience

The Mahlzeit solution suite is provided as an end-to-end offering which we package in 3 available options. Each package includes our user activation guide, which focuses on the end user life cycle and how to acquire users and keep them coming back.

User acquisition & activation

User retention & repeat use

User referral & rewards

Mahlzeit Crowd-flow System

Our PIR sensors automatically and anonymously count how many people enter and exit the building throughout the day, which enables our system to forecast crowd-flow averages like:

Occupancy levels

Average wait time

Seating availability


To make use of all the data and understand simple insights, we offer a “live” dashboard that displays a few things about your restaurant environment and forecasting to help create predictable service peaks:

Facility VS restaurant conversions

POS transaction VS restaurant utilization

Service peak times

Enjoying more quality time during the lunch break is on every visitor’s wish list. So we offer an efficient, effective and economic product that provides daily guests with the modern experience they expect, while providing your catering operation with a competitive edge and immediate results.

Our Mahlzeit Guarantee

Your success is our challenge. If our products don’t fulfill your expectations and return on investment, we offer a full refund.

Simple Installation
We take care of installation to ensure quick deployment. All maintenance and updates are done remotely.

Dedicated Support
You will receive a personal account manager and our promise of a same working day response.

Business Proven Technology We are constantly building on our proven scaleable solutions to ensure you always receive the most advanced and integrable product.

Transparency & Trust
We offer the best in class sensor equipment and hosting standards to ensure 100% data privacy and compliance with EU GDPR 2018.

Our white-label solutions adopt your company branding to ensure the platform feels familiar.

User First
The end user comes first! For us to do a great job, we must add value across the chain from our clients to their customers.

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