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Digitize your workplace user experience to make eating lunch quick, easy and rewarding.


Digital Menu Plans

Provide your guests with personalised menu plans, including detailed ingredient, additive, allergen and calorie information.

Smart Pre-payment

Save your visitors time at the checkout by enabling smart pre-payment of meals through our App. Eliminate bottle-necking at the checkout, generate additional revenue and help your visitors skip waiting in line for lunch. Enabled by the trusted payment service stripe.


Take-home Meals

Reduce food waste and help your daily visitors get dinner on the table by offering discounted take-home meals at the end of the work day via push notifications. Perfect for working parents who can take a few servings home for their children.

Reward Loyalty

Effectively communicate menu offers and reward app interaction. A great way to motivate users to provide feedback and improve repeat sales.


Use smart sensor technology to provide valuable insight into canteen crowdflow


Informed Users

At busy times in the canteen, visitors can easily spend 15 minutes waiting in line to order their food- cutting away from their quality time or time they could be accomplishing their goals for the day. Help save your guests time over lunch by collecting and communicating valuable crowdflow information including restaurant wait times, available seating and occupancy.

Behaviour Insights

It is important to ensure daily operations are as efficient as possible and decision making is data driven. The console provides insights into real-time crowd flow monitoring that can be used to analyse restaurant occupancy, visitor counts and predict peak service times.


Increase Security

Mahlzeit brings security to the modern workplace by creating a digital environment that independently reports the number of people entering and exiting the company building, without requiring employees to sign-in or tracking smart device locations. When the worst case scenario happens in your office, Mahlzeit can provide useful data to help you ensure that everyone is accounted for and safe.


Build your community over lunch

Grow Community

Mahlzeit believes that what “heading to the office” entailed for our grandparents decades ago compared to what it entails for today’s young workforce should reflect the evolution of technology. With these developments, leading corporations in the business world are moving towards work environments centered on creativity and collaboration. We see that cultivating vibrant, collaborative work environments can be tough and Mahlzeit is here to make your work environment dreams a reality. #futureworkplace

Social Lunches

Through the canteen app employees can sign-up to meet a random co-worker from another department over lunch. We believe that connecting employees over a shared meal not just to network, but to befriend each other, can shift an entire workplace environment to become more enjoyable and community focused. In the day to day, this allows people from all departments to better understand each other and work together. In the long run, this can help the host enterprise in retaining top talent and could potentially improve the HR knowledge pool.


Deliver your social newsfeed directly into the app and communicate important information such as local weather and transport links.

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