Mahlzeit Catering Cloud

Your workplace restaurant just got smarter.

Mahlzeit Catering Cloud

Take control and manage your workplace restaurant from
one central system.

• Operate more effectively
• Engage your guests
• Track success

Menu Plan Management

• Create, manage and deliver “live” menu plans

• Instantly update menu plans in any location

• Distribute content via App, web, digital signage

(Integrate with ERP and POS)


Mobile App

Web App

Digital Signage

Mobile Payments & Preorders

Always put the user experience first.
Convenient. Effective. Reliable.

Menu Plans with Smart Pay

Easily deliver personalised menu plans with secure in-app payments and preorder management.

Reduce queues

Track and display “live” crowd flow data with wait-time information to your daily visitors.

Reward loyalty

Deliver a smarter loyalty system that rewards repeat visits and purchases.

Operational Effectiveness

Reduce staffing costs at the POS register by offering “To-Go” preorder options in the Mahlzeit App.

Predict peak services times

Our smart sensor technology provides valuable insight into visitor behaviour.

Save time

Quickly create, edit and print menu plans and meal labels with our professional templates.

Increase Revenue

Preorders guarantee purchases
and higher value checkouts

Understand your customer

Use visitor feedback to gain deeper visibility into shopping cart value and ordering trends.

Improve the sales cycle

Offer in-app prepayment and smarter rewards to upsell and drive repeat visits.

Measurable Success

Access valuable reporting tools to
identify trends and service effectiveness.

Set and track KPI metrics for
customer acquisition, retention and repeat use.

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Mahlzeit Catering Cloud

• Engage your guests
• Improve visitor experiences
• Operate more effectively

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Our open API allows these features to be easily integrated into your existing system.

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