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Save Time - Facility Intelligence

Mystery Lunch - Community Building

Digital content delivery made easy for any workplace environment, all in one simple login

Technology that works

Digital Signage

Stream all your fresh content across multiple IP screens from one central console. Keep it consistant and meaningful.

Desktop workstations

Enable end users to access personalised internal restaurant information from one easy to use desktop dashboard.

Native Applications

Mahlzeit SRAM – Crowd flow technology helps people save time and improves their daily lunch-at-work experiences.

Features for workplaces

Crowd Flow Dynamics

• Restaurant Activity Monitoring during peak-time service periods
• Queue and capacity management with predictive analytics

Save people time

No one likes to miss out on lunch. Busy lunch queues can be a daily struggle for employees and the catering service provider. We offer intelligent sensor technology that helps people to view workplace restaurant capacity & cue volumes in “real-time”. Meal iQueue displaces high crowd flow volumes by proactively informing people about the restaurant capacity and queuing times, before they go to lunch.


• Digital menu plans
• Meal notifications based on your preferences

Digital Menu Plans
Still using static menu plans in Excel or PDF? You might even still be printing paper menus and not taking advantage of the most highly visited document on the company intranet portal… The menu plan!

Enable the workforce to take control of your lunch times with easy access to the weekly menu plan via digital signage, desktop and native mobile.

Each registered user can set up an anonymous profile with their meal preferences so they eat what they like, when they like and recieve more transparency.

Community Connect (Coming Soon)

• “Meet & Eat” Community building around lunch
• Enrich idea sharing within co-worker networks
• Build stronger workplace communities

PATH Smart Trays (Coming Soon)

• Intelligent food service trays with PATH tags
• Track & track user migrations patterns
• Fully waterproof with longlife power source



€ 299 / m
  • Client App
  • Digital menu plans
  • Allergens & profiles
  • Client insights


€ 599 / m
  • Crowd flow
  • Mystery lunch
  • 3 mediums
  • Digital menu plans


€ 999 / m
  • Crowd flow
  • Mystery lunch
  • 3 mediums / displays
  • POS integrations
  • Facility intelligence

Reconnect to your workforce

Use Mahlzeit to provide a better customer experience for your employees during lunch. You will not only cut queue times, but will also gain valuable data for your canteen managers to create feedback loops and minimize food waste.

Implement your corporate identity

Our technology is available for both Android and iOS, and is offered free of charge to your employees and guests in the App Store & Google Play. In addition, we can easily customise the app to be aligned with the identity of your company, making it feel native to your employees.

Already have an app?

Great, our open API can connect our crowd flow data directly into your existing systems.

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