Make lunch at work fun again!

 Easy and rewarding lunch experiences for all!

Mahlzeit allows the end user to easily check a nearby screen, the website, or the app for insight on queue times and digital menus. The end users can avoid wasting a minute of their lunch break waiting in a queue!
Mahlzeit provides caterers with insight into peak times and helps eliminate the bottle neck effect of a lunch rush. Caterers can predict food consumption and can allow advance preparation with pre-ordering.
Mahlzeit enables host enterprises to connect their employees across departments with meet ‘n eat lunches. Additionally, we aid in building security by giving line updates on building occupancy.

Engage Users

Digitize your workplace restaurant with personalised menu plans, pre-ordering, and loyalty systems.

Manage Queues

Flatten peak service times by providing visitors with restaurant wait times and occupancy info.

Build Communities

Enable a more social environment where people can connect and share knowledge over lunch.

Digitize your workplace restaurant with our white-label solutions

Digital Signage


Mobile App

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